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Byrd pieces from Cantiones Sacrae (1575)

For now I'm concentrating on Byrd. I may eventually do the Tallis. Or I may get distracted by something else!

If you'd like a copy of the facsimiles, I bought them here at OMI Facsimiles

The album by Alamire, available for free on youtube, you can also get at Amazon.com or Apple iTunes.

  1. Salvator mundi I by Thomas Tallis
  2. Absterge Domine by Thomas Tallis
  3. In manus tuas Domine by Thomas Tallis
  4. Emendemus in melius by William Byrd
  5. Libera me, Domine, et pone me by William Byrd
  6. Peccantem me quotidie by William Byrd
  7. Mihi autem nimis by Thomas Tallis
  8. O nata lux by Thomas Tallis
  9. O sacrum convivium by Thomas Tallis
  10. Aspice Domine quia facta est by William Byrd
  11. Attollite portas by William Byrd
  12. O lux beata Trinitas by William Byrd
  13. Derelinquit impius by Thomas Tallis
  14. Dum transisset Sabbatum by Thomas Tallis
  15. Honor, virtus et potestas by Thomas Tallis
  16. Sermone blando by Thomas Tallis
  17. Laudate pueri Dominum by William Byrd
  18. Memento homo by William Byrd
  19. Siderum rectorby William Byrd
  20. Te lucis ante terminum by Thomas Tallis
  21. Salvator mundi II by Thomas Tallis
  22. Candidi facti sunt by Thomas Tallis
  23. Da mihi auxilium by William Byrd
  24. Domine secundum actum meum by William Byrd
  25. Diliges Dominum by William Byrd
  26. In jejunio et fletu by Thomas Tallis
  27. Suscipe quaeso Domine - Si enim iniquitates by Thomas Tallis
  28. Miserere mihi Domine by William Byrd
  29. Tribune domine by William Byrd
  30. Libera me, Domine, de morte aeterna by William Byrd
  31. Miserere nostri by Thomas Tallis

Aspice Domine à 6

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Memento homo à 6

(added 2017-08-19)

Laudate pueri Dominum à 6

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O lux beata Trinitas à 6

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Emendemus in melius à 5

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